The "I" in CLIL: SM | Dayton 2019 approach

Piezas de Puzzle | Dayton
The main goal of our English teaching materials is for students to learn more than just the language.

For us, #Integration is not just a word. It forms the basis of all of our courses: 

  • All together … Better! Integrating all students. Challenges are a set of graded interactive activities which pay special attention to classroom diversity.
  • The more visual the Better! Integrating Methodology, on and off book activities, Projects and Service learning.
  • English … the sooner the better
    • Coherence and progression from Pre-primary to Primary integrating CLIL topics.
    • Focused on oral communication
    • Phonic system developed specifically for Spanish speakers
  • English and Science Better Together! Social Science and Natural Science: Integrated with English through a careful sequencing of content.
    • Service-learning term projects
    • Scientific method through science tasks
    • Makes learning fun with illustrations, timelines and visual maps
    • Challenges that focus on classroom diversity
    • Grammar videos Scope and sequence of EPS crafted to tie in with Cambridge Exams

Download our catalogue to discover our courses for all ages, from Infant to Secondary.

Don’t miss our latest edition of Bilingual Express. This special edition focuses on #Integration, and features articles from some of the speakers from our conference on 7th May and ideas for you to try in your own classroom.

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