4 Keypoints to implement CLIL in your bilingual classroom

Here are some tips to improve Primary pupil's English comprehension
Integratio Dayton | SM
1. For a better implementation of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), teachers have to focus on integration.

This must be a constant feature of the classroom and should be understood in all its possible meanings.

That means, there has to be integration of

  • subjects (content and language),
  • pupils (so every child can be successful in a bilingual context),
  • grades (to avoid gaps between them)
  • traditional and digital methods.

Willy Cano.

2. Understand that digital integration is complex  for the teacher and also entails many challenges facing the Educational market.  

While a lot of research claims that technology at school might negatively impact students’ normal development, it is impossible to keep children isolated from digital elements. Because of that, it is recommended using tech tools, such as self-evaluation platforms, to improve students’ self-awareness.

Pete Sharma.

3. One of the most important elements to improve communication in young children is to keep the classroom engaged.

This is especially true when it comes to reading comprehension. When we do not understand something, we tend to forget it and get easily distracted. That is why, techniques like dictgloss can be useful.

Remember the steps:

  1. Select a short text of interest ​
  2. Read 2-3 times at normal speed​
  3. Try to reconstruct the text individually, in pairs and in small group​s.
  4.  Use different coloured pens to identify keywords
  5.  Show the final text​ and correct
  6.  Analyse the text all together

Matthew Johnson.

4. Invent new games and communicative activities to motivate the classroom.

Combine reading, writing, speaking, puzzles, rhymes, sentence completion exercises and the association of vocabulary and images to work English skills with Primary pupils and encourage them to practice English communication. This way, they will be better prepared to understand other subjets in English.  

Lola Reeves.


Now its your turn!

Download the PDF to try the jigsaw rhyme methodology that Lola Reeves teached us during her speech.

You will be able to adapt it to your students if you want!

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