• Bilingualism - An integrated approach


Our primary project integrates learning on a new level:

  • Through curricular projects
  • EPS “English for Plurilingual Schools” that supports your learning in content areas
  • Language & 21st century skills
  • All starting from pre-primary with Liu & Liam Ensuring your students get the best quality plurilingual learning available

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Más Savia

An original bilingual project integrating content and language through term projects using the latest methodologies, critical thinking, collaborative learning and service learning. Bringing the CLIL approach to life – our flexible, innovative courses meet all the needs of the plurilingual primary classroom. Emphasis on practical activities to help teachers achieve the best with their students.

Our English EPS (English for Plurilingual School) is a high-level project that supports the bilingual programme ensuring students are linguistically prepared as well as giving them a higher exposure to content areas that will guarantee quality bilingual learning.


Savia is a comprehensive course underpinned by a solid model of values-based education. It centres on children and on improving their results by addressing different learning paces and styles. The Savia project was developed in collaboration with teachers. As a result of their input, Savia incorporates practical, effective resources designed to facilitate teaching, including programmes designed to help you apply innovative methods in your classroom in a way that feels natural.