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Visual Arts. Workbook. 1 Secondary. Revuela

Vanesa Blanco Alonso Laura Sánchez Álvarez Alejandro García-Caro Rubén Muñoz Cristina Del Triunfo Borja Riquelme
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Recognize, understand, interpret and communicate through plastic and artistic expression. Experimenting, creating, interpreting and expressing techniques, models and creations from different contexts and perspectives.
Revuela gets it by:
- Educational innovation. Search for learning in an inductive, reflective, cooperative and competential way, always framed in creativity.
- Transfer by active analysis. Observation and analysis of visual manifestations related to different processes, contexts, periods and cultures that produce reflection and debate.
- Transference through creation and experimentation. Both procedural and open creative proposals, which seek individual and collective experience, as well as intervention and interrelation in the natural and social environment, both close and multicultural.