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English. Sam and Daliya. 1 Primary. Más Savia. Madrid

Shawn Redwood Marianne Jordan Amanda McCarthy AmyJo Doherty Alex Purcell
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EPS for Primary is a dynamic CLIL based English course for plurilingual primary schools. It has been created in tandem with our Natural Science primary school course although it also contains shared contexts with Social Science, Music and Arts & Crafts. In this way EPS can complete an entire bilingual school primary education solution.

The EPS units use CLIL steps to move from listening and speaking activities to reading and writing activities including the subtle acquisition of language structures through the Ninja Grammar sections. This helps to ensure that The EPS course is primarily communicative. Teachers also have access to over 90 optional grammar videos to reinforce work on language structures.

The course includes its own phonics system developed especially for children whose first language is Spanish. Taking into account sounds found already in Spanish to sounds peculiar to English, the phonics element assures the smooth assimilation and practice of English pronunciation. For schools who have another preferred phonics system, the EPS system is modular and thus easy to skip.

Videos open a window onto the culture of English speaking countries.

EPS also prepares the pupils for the Cambridge English PET and KET exams with dedicated exam practice sections. It comes with complementary workbook and online resources.